15 oct. 2012

BlytheCon UK Manchester 2012

Last Saturday 6th October was the BlytheCon UK event in the city of Manchester. I had a very funny time, I was met a lot of people and talk again with a lot of friends!!! All the day we had a cute Workshops, lovely Contests, delicious Cupcakes, lot of Stalls with adorable items, etc.

The Raffle time was so funny!!! I won a lot of things and made so happy with these!!! I remember too a Sandra Efigenio that won a great lot for make a cute custom doll and a Wonderful Custom doll that won Veronica - Amynika!!

Hope you enjoy my pics and a Special Thank you so much to every person who can make possible this wonderful event!!! ^________^

My Cute Girls!!! ^3^

Amynika is so happy with Moth!! :D

Bethany (DollyMixture) with me :D

Millypixie (Dominique) with me ;D

Liquiriziadolly (Laura) is so friendly! 

Shelley & Sam are always Amazing!!!

Me with Sandra Efigenio ^3^

Momolita (Momoko) & Me :)

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  1. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful photos ... it's so good to put faces to names I only hear around the net!

  2. Yay! I´m so glad for your comment Sandi!!! Thank you!!!
    xoxo, Carmen ^___^


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