13 jul. 2010

Doll Festa BCN - 10 Julio 2010

Doll Festa - Poster
Some photos of this great day!!! ^__^

Marinerito had fun with all her friends

My Stand - Stall with some Customs made by me, MoleDolls

My Stand  with some cute items!! 

"Urban Tribes" Doll Contest

Maddie Sweet is a Fruits Fashion Urban Tribe 

Maddie Sweet my Neo Blythe Custom

More photos in my Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/moledolls/

I really enjoyed. I met many friends in person and everyone could see my custom dolls.
Thanks to everyone who came to greet me and I´m very glad that you like my work.
I hope to see you all in the next Doll Festa BCN.

You can see the Official Report at BlytheDoll.com: http://www.blythedoll.com/eng/event/1010_spain.html

9 jul. 2010

10-07-2010 Doll Festa BCN

Mañana se celebra el Doll Festa BCN, el primer evento en España donde tienen cabida todas las personas coleccionistas de muñecas asiáticas (Blythes, Dollfies, Pullips, Latis, Jennys, Liccas...).

Allí nos veremos si os pasais por el Doll Festa BCN, yo estaré con una mesa stand donde podréis ver algunos de mis trabajitos y algunas de mis muñecas customizadas que más recientemente he hecho, así que no podeis perderos ésta ocasión de disfrutar de un día memorable.

También podreis disfrutar del concurso de muñecas que se celebra en el evento, con la temática de las "Tribus Urbanas", allí estará mi OOAK custom Maddie Sweet que participará con otras muñecas haciendo una exposición muy variada de estilos estéticos de vida.
Si quereis pasar un buen rato, disfrutar de los concursos, de los talleres, ver una gran variedad de muñecas, conocer a los customizadores en persona o ir a comprar algún pequeño detalle para vuestra muñeca no podeis perderos el Doll Festa BCN.

Espero veros a tod@s por allí!!!

Tomorrow marks the Festa Doll BCN, the first event in Spain, involving all the doll collectors of Asian people (Blythes, Dollfie, Pullips, Latis, Jennys, Licca ...).

There we will see if you pass by the Doll Festival BCN, I will stand with a table where you can see some of my odd jobs and some of my customized dolls that have recently done, so you can not miss this opportunity to enjoy a memorable day .

You can also enjoy dolls contest held at the event, with the theme of "Urban Tribes" there shall be my OOAK custom Maddie Sweet to participate with other dolls doing a most varied aesthetic styles of life.
If you want to have fun, enjoy the contests, workshops, watch a variety of dolls, meet the custom artists in person or go buy some little detail to your wrist, you can not miss the Doll Festival BCN.

I hope to see you all there!
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