30 ago. 2012

New Custom Blythe N.39

Custom Blythe Number 39 by MoleDolls

Sweet Face ^___^

Hello!!! ;D

¿Snow White?

New Cute Pullrings


She´s so Special!!! 

I love her so much!!! ^___^

28 ago. 2012

Blythe Pocket File Collection ♥

New for Autumn - Novedades para Otoño

Blythe Pocket File Collection

Models to choose / Modelos a escoger: 

"Red Delicious"
"The Playing Cards"
"Akai Ribbon"
"Margo Unique Girl"
"Rachael´s Ribbon"

Measeures / Medidas: 22.10cms x 13.40 cms 

Price / Precio: 315  yens

26 ago. 2012

Blythe S Tote Bag Collection ♥

New for Autumn - Novedades para Otoño

Blythe S Tote Bag Collection

Models to choose / Modelos a escoger: 

"The Playing Cards"
"Akai Ribbon"
"Fashionista Molly & Nelly"

Measeures / Medidas: 31cms x 19 cms x 10 cms
Handle/Asa: 28 cms

100% Cotton - 100% Algodón

Price / Precio: 2.499 yens

BlytheCon Barcelona 2013

BlytheCon Barcelona

20th April 2013

20 ago. 2012

Yoskay Yamamoto: Urban Pop Art

Yoskay Yamamoto is an artist who was born in Toba (Japan) but when he have 15 years old he moves to United States.
Yamamoto´s works are very creative, he makes Sculptures, Paintings, Vinyl toys, etc.
I like it!!! Enjoy with some of his creations!!! ^___^ 

For more visit: http://yoskay.com/home.html

17 ago. 2012

New Pullip Doll - Snow White

New Pullip Doll - Snow White 

Release Date/Fecha: October 2012
Price/Precio: 12.600 Yens

She´s so Adorable!!! ^___^

Es tan Adorable!!! ^___^

15 ago. 2012

Blythe Kenner Doll - 40th Anniversary

Blythe dolls were created in 1972 by Kenner Company (USA)

Las Muñecas Blythe fueron creadas en 1.972 por la compañía estadounidense Kenner

Congratulations for your 40th Anniversary!!!

Felicidades por vuestro 40 Aniversario!!!

Kenner was did a very Original and Funny dolls!!!

Kenner hizo unas Muñecas muy Originales y Divertidas!!!

10 ago. 2012

Little Dal - Hello Kitty BABY

- Little DAL Hello Kitty BABY -

Date Release: September 2012
Price: 4.200 Yens
Company: Groove Inc.

She´s so Pretty!!! - Es Preciosa!!! 
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