23 abr. 2010

Diorama - Scenary Bedroom by MoleDolls

Diorama -Scenary Bedroom by MoleDolls:

- All walls and floors are designed and hand carved by me.
- The Furniture Can remove and can be moved as you choose.
- Bed is handmade by me on wood with mattress, pillow, three heart-shaped pillows and blanket.
- The wardrobe, bedside table and desk are carefully hand-painted with colors that blend with each other. All doors and drawers can open and close.
- The window is designed, carved and painted wood by me.


- Wardrobe of wood
- Bedside table of wood
- Desk of wood
- Bed of wood
- Mattress
- Pillow
- 3 Heart-shaped pillows
- Blanket
- 2 Carpets (one for the pet Usako)
- Mini carrots handmade
- Small stuffed animals
- Ornaments
- 6 perches
- Handmade books of different sizes
- Bags of biscuits
- Bags of candy
- A can soda
- Mini posters of animals (a dog, two parrots and a cat),
- A beautiful mirror with relief
- A figure of a mini bear
- A mini sofa
- A mini lamp
- Paper bags
- And more ...


Maddie Sweet OOAK Blythe Doll by MoleDolls

Meet Maddie Sweet by me, MoleDolls

Maddie Sweet loves animals, especially rabbits. She has a small pet rabbit and his name is Usako.

She also has a mini teddy bear doll goes everywhere in her pockets.
Maddie Sweet is very optimistic and happy that's why she likes things clear and the soft colors.

Maddie Sweet loves to lie in bed and eating lots of candy and cookies, it's very sweet.
Maddie Sweet is now thinking about traveling and seeing the world.

Want to be her friend?

OOAK Custom Neo Blythe Original Doll: Frosty Frock SBL Takara Tomy (New for Custom)

Custom Work:

- Open Head
- Hair Re-root
- New Hair plug by plug with two colors of saran pink hair (Sweet Pink and Strong pink).
- New Cut hair extra long.
- Sand matted face
- Face Spray matte with MSC UV cut Flat Spray
- 3 New Eyechips: Milky Green, Milky Orange/Red ooak and Grey Multi Effects Coolcat Chips. The last chips are a blue Stock.
- Sleepy Eyes.
- Gaze Correction.
- Blogged Eyes.
- New Eyelashes.
- Carved Nose
- Carved Mouth with small teeth.
- Carved Philtrum.
- Carved Chin
- Carved Eyes and Orbits are sculpteds.
- New Make Up with MSC UV CUT Spray protection.
- New Pullring Pink Moon.
- The original body was removed and replaced by Pure Neemo Advance Body (the head has more mobility with this body).

Is adorable, right?

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