29 dic. 2012

New Dolls from Paola Reina

Las Amigas del Athletic: Carol

Las Amigas del Athletic: Carla

Las Amigas del Athletic: Cristi

Las Amigas del Athletic: Liu

Las Amigas del Athletic: Nora

Las Amigas del Barça: Carol

Las Amigas del Barça: Carla

Las Amigas del Barça: Cristi

Las Amigas del Barça: Liu

Las Amigas del Barça: Nora

28 dic. 2012

New Girl: Maudlynne Macabre Doll

Maudlynne Macabre is the New doll from Tonner Company

She has 10 points of articulation

Her size is 15.25"

Price: 59.99$

She´s Really Cute!!! ^___^

19 dic. 2012

New Middie Blythe: Jackie Ramone

Middie Blythe "Jackie Ramone" doll

Date Release: 22th February 2013

Price: 10,290 yen (tax incl)

Maybe she´s a Punkaholic sister´s ^___^

12 dic. 2012

New Neo Blythe Orange & Spice

Neo Blythe Orange and Spice

Face type: RBL
Color of the hair: dark brown.
Eyeshadow: dark blue
Cheeks: orange
Lips: orangish pink
The eye to the right is a special color of dark blue.
Her skin color is fair (natural skin).

Date Release:  February 2012.

Price: 14,490 yen

Body Pure Neemo Advance Shadow Edition

Available for sale some bodys: Pure Neemo Advance Shadow Edition 
(Same size Blythe Stock Takara Body) 

News without her original box but in her original plastic bag.

Price to Spain: 30€ every one with Shipping Certified Included
Price to Europe: 35€ every one with Shipping Certified Included
Price to WW: 38€ every one with Shipping Certified Included

Pay with Paypal as a Gift or more 4%.

11 dic. 2012

New OOAK Custom Neo Blythe Doll N.48

She´s My New OOAK Custom Blythe, the Number 48!

Ella es Mi Nueva OOAK Custom Blythe, la número 48!

She´s very Sweet & Elegant / Ella es Muy Dulce y Elegante

Detail of her Mohair Back Hair & red Eyelids with little Flowers

Detalle de su Pelo Negro Mohair y sus Párpados rojos con pequeñas Flores

Her Cute Bunny Plush Pet, Shoes & Stand

Su Bonito Conejo mascota de peluche, zapatitos y Stand

She´s Wonderful! Es Maravillosa!

Very Delicate & Lovely! Muy Delicada y Adorable!

Detail from her Black Dress from "Las lágimas de Alicia"

Detalle de su Vestido Negro hecho por "Las lágrimas de Alicia"

Really a Perfect Doll! ^____^

Realmente la Muñeca Perfecta! ^____^

8 dic. 2012

New OOAK Custom Neo Blythe N.47

She´s my new Custom Doll number 47

An Awesome Prima Dolly Ebony with Tan Skin :D

All her Eyes Chips are Customized by me too! 

Lovely & Pretty girl!!!

I Love these Wonderful Yellow Boots

So Cute as the Snow White Princess 


3 dic. 2012

Blythe Custom Couture Fair Exhibition - Video Reportage Created by MoleDolls

Blythe Custom Couture Fair Exhibition

I was enjoyed a lot visiting this cute exhibition named "Blythe Custom Couture Fair" last month of September in Tokyo (Japan) where I saw a lot of Neo Blythes and Middie Blythes dolls customized with a wonderful clothes handmade for a lot of Japanese Artists: Saki Yamashita, みついろ+BABY Rose, Kinokotti, etc.

Now this Exhibition is present in Okinawa from up 20th January 2013, you can read more info here

Hope everyone enjoy a lot with my Video Reportage, I made for share with the people who can not see in person this exhibition but had love the Blythe dolls too!!! ^____^

Disfruté mucho visitando ésta preciosa exhibición llamada "Blythe Custom Couture Fair" el pasado mes de Septiembre en Tokio (Japón) donde pude ver muchas muñecas Neo Blythes y Middie Blythes customizadas con Maravillosos trajes hechos a mano por muchos artistas japoneses: Saki Yamashita, みついろ+BABY Rose, Kinokotti, etc.

Ahora ésta exhibición se encuentra en la ciudad de Okinawa hasta el próximo 20 de Enero de 2013, podéis leer más información aquí

Espero que todos disfrutéis mucho de mi Video Reportage, lo he hecho para compartirlo con todas aquellas personas que no pueden ver ésta exhibición en directo pero que adoran las Blythes tanto como yo! 


My Custom #43 in Cosas de Merijou Blog

Merijou estuvo en el Salón del Manga de Barcelona éste año y se acordó de mi! 
A pesar de que no le pude saludar en persona porque no coincidimos (perdona seguro que me pillaste en un descanso), se acordó de tomar una fotografía a mi muñeca Blythe!!! Muchas gracias por pasarte!! 

Podéis seguir su interesante entrada aqui: 
Merijou was in the Barcelona Manga Fair this year and she remembered me!
Although I couldon´t say hello in person, it was agreed to take a picture of my Blythe doll!!!  Thank you so much for stopping by!!

Here you can read more: 

27 nov. 2012

City Girls Dolls by Tonner Toys

New dolls from Tonner Toys named: City Girls

Doll is 15,75" Tall

From 24.99$ to 59.99$

All are very Cute girls!

All Clothing is Wonderful!!

I love this girl with an Amazing Golden Dress!!!

24 nov. 2012

New Pullip Sapphire - Princess Knight

Sapphire from the manga of Osamu Tezuka: Ribbon no Kishi

Really Cute with a Vintage Shojo Manga Style

When I was a little I saw the anime of Princess Knigth and Always like me her history

リボンの騎士 ^_____^

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