30 sept. 2012

Junie Moon Daikanyama - English Version

Junie Moon Daikanyama is the leading shop of Blythe dolls that you can find in Tokyo (Japan).
Call it Paradise of Blythe and certainly this place has everything for everyone!

Can you imagine a store where found all these items for our dolls?
Well, that is certainly Junie Moon.

I will begin by telling you that Junie Moon is in Daikanyama, very close Shibuya , their hours are Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 to 19:00, Mondays is closed.

When we come to this store we will surprise the colors hot pink facade combined with off-white tones,The shop make a corner that  is decorated with double and showcase all Blythe dolls where suggests that all you're going to find inside!

Within this local we pleasantly surprised how good they have it all organized, we can see like all the news Blythe doll, boxed ready for direct sale (both Petite, like Middie or Neo Blythe), plus they have displayed throughout the shop a variety of cute dolls that decorate all the shelves, tables, exhibitors ... Are Fabulous!

We discover as they have for sale outfits from stock to unique sets made ​​by Junie Moon, Mottee and more Japanese artists, which together with the wide range of footwear (shoes, sneakers, sports, booties, boots, etc) will delight of their customers!

Besides buying of "stands" that always come in handy, there is a great selection of themed books from Blythe where we find the most beautiful images and the more interesting patterns to sew clothes ourselves to our dolls!

If you like customizing not hesitate to buy in this shop what you need to do, because they have wigs from all kinds of color and shape (for Neo Blythe and Middie Blythe) to paints, gloss, buttons, bows, beads for pullrings .. . Secure a wonder that will surprise! : D

If you want to give an original touch to your home this is your place no doubt, because here you will find a large assortment of cups, plates, glasses, cutlery ... all decorated with images of Blythe incredibly beautiful!

Are ye flirty? For in Junie Moon have all kinds of bags, sizes and designs, to show off in your day to day, plus you can also buy handheld mirrors, notebooks, pens, boxes for makeup, fabric cases to carry what you want, wipes, cute bags, including bento boxes and chopsticks with wonderful images of Blythe!

Plus you'll find an assortment of exclusive re-ment for our dolls you will not find anywhere else! Why not buy one of its many picture postcards of Blythe? They have since mini cards to large cards with which you can surprise yourself or who you want! Is there anything more amazing than send your friends a postcard from Japan with the image of a beautiful Blythe? Is Amazing!!!

Have you been to Junie Moon and you wonder why you should go back? For it is quite easy because Junie Moon is constantly innovating and integrating different exhibitions every month! Japanese and foreign artists who find a gap in the spaces for exhibition, so that everyone who visits can see his work and exhibitions being an option I find very interesting to visit this amazing store whenever you have a chance! ! I always repeat! ;)

On my last visit to Junie Moon I enjoyed exposure of Japanese artist Noriya Takeyama, entitled "Dream Mush Room" and it was really impressive! I love my snails of colours! : D

  In addition to all the material that surrounds Blythe dolls you can find creations of other artists, such as wallets and handbags of Jeffrey Fulvimari.

I greatly appreciate the care provided by the Staff of Daikanyama Junie Moon, both Mao as Mari, who were a very nice and friendly with me at all times, I'm sure we'll meet again soon! : D

And of course wholeheartedly thank the help received from Junko Wong when grant the exclusive press pass that allowed me to make this photo shoot.

Now  I'll let my video report that summarizes all very minimally the marvels of Junie Moon shop! Hope you enjoy!

 You can find more information on this link: https://www.juniemoonshop.com/

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  1. Que suertuda tú!!! ;)

  2. Muchas Gracias Marcos!!!

    Sé que lo soy y por éso lo comparto con vosotros, para que todos podáis ver lo genial que es ésta tienda de Blythes y os la apunteis para vuestro futuro viaje a Japón!!! :D

  3. Thank you for the wonderful reportage! We are so happy you came to see us!

    Junko Wong

  4. You´re Welcome Junko!!! Always a pleasure to visit you!!! ^____^



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