23 abr. 2010

Diorama - Scenary Bedroom by MoleDolls

Diorama -Scenary Bedroom by MoleDolls:

- All walls and floors are designed and hand carved by me.
- The Furniture Can remove and can be moved as you choose.
- Bed is handmade by me on wood with mattress, pillow, three heart-shaped pillows and blanket.
- The wardrobe, bedside table and desk are carefully hand-painted with colors that blend with each other. All doors and drawers can open and close.
- The window is designed, carved and painted wood by me.


- Wardrobe of wood
- Bedside table of wood
- Desk of wood
- Bed of wood
- Mattress
- Pillow
- 3 Heart-shaped pillows
- Blanket
- 2 Carpets (one for the pet Usako)
- Mini carrots handmade
- Small stuffed animals
- Ornaments
- 6 perches
- Handmade books of different sizes
- Bags of biscuits
- Bags of candy
- A can soda
- Mini posters of animals (a dog, two parrots and a cat),
- A beautiful mirror with relief
- A figure of a mini bear
- A mini sofa
- A mini lamp
- Paper bags
- And more ...


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